The Times Newspaper

The Times is a British daily national newspaper which was first published in London in 1785 under the title The Daily Universal Register. It also had many influences on other newspapers around the world. From the title: 'The Times', many other newspaper followed their example, e.g. the Times of India, the Los Angeles Times or even the New York Times.

The Times newspaper has commissioned various alternatives to Times New Roman:
Times Europa was designed by Walter Tracy in 1972 for The Times, as a sturdier alternative to the Times font family, designed for the demands of faster printing presses and cheaper paper. The typeface features more open counter spaces.
Times Roman replaced Times Europa on 30 August 1982.
Times Millennium was made in 1991, drawn by Gunnlaugur Briem on the instructions of Aurobind Patel, composing manager of News International.
Times Classic first appeared in 2001. Designed as an economical face by the British type team of Dave Farey and Richard Dawson, it took advantage of the new PC-based publishing system at the newspaper, while obviating the production shortcomings of its predecessor Times Millennium. The new typeface included 120 letters per font. Initially the family comprised ten fonts, but a condensed version was added in 2004. Times Modern was unveiled on 20 November 2006, as the successor of Times Classic. Designed for improving legibility in smaller font sizes, it uses 45-degree angled bracket serifs. It was designed by Research Studios, led by Ben Preston (deputy editor of The Times) and designer Neville Brody.

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